Accelerate Compliance with InfoSecure

Accelerate Compliance with InfoSecure’s PCI DSS Policy Toolkit
InfoSecure PCI DSS Toolkit

InfoSecure provides the industry’s best PCI DSS compliance policy templates. These templates will serve as your organization’s official documents once you add your business name.  We provide everything you need for rapid compliance with PCI DSS v3.2.  You’ll get immediate access to the most comprehensive PCI DSS information security policy available at the lowest price available.

What makes our PCI Security Template Package different from all the others available?

The difference is simple.

First, a PCI QSA and former chief information security officer (CISO) for a major credit card processor developed the policy template package. He’s been protecting confidential information for nearly twenty years and has helped hundreds of organizations comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Second, the template package is succinct, professionally written, and most importantly, meets or exceeds all the requirements in PCI DSS v3.2 (there are over 400!).

You’ll get immediate access to everything you’ll need, not just the policy document. Our exclusive package includes everything you’ll need to help achieve rapid compliance!

  • comprehensive policy document: This is your main PCI DSS policy document.  The policies and procedures are numbered exactly to the PCI DSS requirements.  If you want to know your process for PCI DSS 2.3, simply turn to your policy document (section 2.3).  This makes it easy for your auditor and your IT staff to comply with PCI requirements and ensure cardholder security.
  • An exclusive PCI documentation matrix – This is an Excel spreadsheet the enumerates all of the over 400 PCI DSS control objectives. Use this spreadsheet as needed to track your implementation process and record notes about specific requirements.
  • Computer security incident process – Did you know that PCI DSS requires a specific process for dealing with computer security incidents?  The InfoSecure Policy Toolkit meets all of the PCI requirements.  What’s more, the process provides specific guidance for dealing with any security incident.
  • Disaster recovery plan – No one wants to deal with an IT disaster, but it’s important to have a plan.  This disaster recovery plan is well worth the $475 price by itself.  Use this template and get a huge head start in creating a disaster recovery plan specific to your organization.  The included text and headings remove all the guesswork and will save time and money for your organization.
  • Risk assessment methodology – PCI DSS requires an annual risk assessment.  Our compliant methodology includes a specific process that will ensure your compliance with PCI DSS.  The methodology includes all of the forms you’ll need to complete an annual risk assessment.
  • Operating system configuration standards – Our PCI DSS required configuration standards are based off of industry accepted CIS recommendations.  You’ll get a huge head start on compliance by using our predefined configuration standards.  We have recommendations for all major operating systems and applications.  If you have an OS that isn’t covered, we will create a standards document for you at no additional cost.
  • A complete security awareness training program – When we say complete, we mean it. Includes a 16-minute security awareness training video, a security awareness PowerPoint slide deck, training log, and a certificate of training template.  This training program meets all PCI requirements.  For additional training for specific job roles, check out http://training.infosecurepci.com.
  • Change management procedures – Many organizations are missing a documented, standardized change management procedure.  This well-defined process includes all the details and forms you’ll need to implement a PCI DSS compliant change management process at your organization.
  • PCI operating processes – PCI DSS requires security to be a part of your ‘business-as-usual’ philosophy to credit card security.  InfoSecure Redteam’s operating processes will ensure that your IT staff maintains your compliant environment on to ensure the ongoing security of cardholder data.  Examples include secure data destruction, document retention processes, password reset procedures, and dozens more.
  • Security operations procedures – In addition to the PCI operating processes, there are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly security procedures that your IT staff will need to perform to maintain compliance.  Our innovative approach documents everything your staff will need to do on a periodic basis to ensure ongoing security and compliance of PCI DSS.
  • 60 days of unlimited support – When you purchase either package, you’ll get access to the author and PCI DSS expert. He will answer all your PCI and security related questions to help you achieve rapid compliance. Yes, customer service like this really does exist!
  • Our Guarantee – Your satisfaction with the PCI security template package is guaranteed, or you get your money back!

The most comprehensive PCI Security Policy and Procedure package available.

Perfect for Merchants and Service Providers of all Levels (1-4)

Used for ALL SAQ Types: A, A-EP, B, B-IP, C-VT, C, D, or P2PE-HW

Our customers include national retailers, e-commerce operators, and single-location stores

Updated to Support PCI DSS 3.2

  • Professionally written PCI DSS v3.1 policy and procedure document
  • Separate user-level information security policy document template
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plan template
  • Computer security incident response template
  • Risk assessment methodology
  • Operating system configuration standards
  • Security awareness training program
  • Change management procedures
  • PCI operating processes
  • Security operations procedures

This is a digital product. You will be able to immediately download your purchase.
You won’t have to wait for shipping or handling. You can get started today!

Patrick has more than twenty-five years of security experience. He provides guidance in vulnerability and threat management, security architecture and implementation, security risk and compliance, incident management, and education and training. Bass has served on the faculty of Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) as an Adjunct Professor, a speaker and instructor for groups and associations such as ISACA and ISSA, and guest lecturer for various organizations throughout the United States. He has completed engagements for clients throughout the United States and has provided guidance to CIOs of some of the most influential organizations in the world. In the corporate world, he has served as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for a large payment processor, and Vice President of Security Services for a national consulting firm. In 2014, Patrick founded InfoSecure Redteam, Inc. as a specialty provider of compliance and security services, emphasizing client service as a primary differentiator.r.

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